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222 Says it Was Always You is the true story of God helping two broken people restore their belief, faith, and hope. You will see how the Lord led us (Mia and Robby) through a maze of signs, miracles, and wonders that brought us together, molded us through many challenges, and let us to be husband and wife in only 11 months. This is no flower-filled Christian romance novel about a man and a woman who meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after; this is God's relentless pursuit of two addicts who struggled through depravity before surrendering their hearts to Jesus. The Lord brought us together as a testimony to Christ's redemptive power, available for anyone wanting to know if God still speaks clearly to those willing to listen. You will understand what it means to see the voice of God.


Our story - the Lord's story - is for those wanting to experience the process of letting go, picking up their cross, and following Jesus. If you desire to be free from yourself, free from others, and free to find and fulfill God's specific purpose for your life, this book is for you. Discover what kind of courage it takes to be completely transparent so God can use your mistakes and shortcomings for others to learn from. Whether you're a teen, single, married, or divorced you will see what it looks like to be in a relationship with the Creator of the universe. Once you have finished reading our story, we are confident you will be a better friend, family member, and husband or wife.


Come along in our walk by faith (not sight) and learn that there is no such thing as coincidence! We know you will be blessed, and we look forward to hearing your testimony of the Lord pursuing you -- your realization of how persistently God has been trying to communicate with you. As you begin having your own revelations, always remember that the Lord created you, loves you dearly, and wants to have a much deeper relationship with you. Are you ready?


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