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We Are Happy To Meet You

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Mia and Robby

Revelations Cafe Owners

It was a normal Friday evening at an AA meeting in Lutz, Florida. A recovering alcoholic that was sober 18 months and an IV drug user just months of being clean, had a divine encounter that changed the course of their lives and so many others around them forever.

Revelations Cafe has never been about the food or the great coffee that we serve. We knew before we established this business that it was going to be a place where people could come to encounter the Holy Spirit. We surrendered this business to the Lord as a house of miracles, and the Spirit of the living God is free to do His will above our own.

We were given the incredible opportunity to share our personal stories in the Revelations Cafe Documentary that's available by clicking the link below. 


This is a House of Miracles

From Our Hearts to Your Plate

Our passion is to serve the community through relationships, bringing love and togetherness in a world so divided. We believe that we are here, and that this business exists, for the purpose of impacting people for eternity.

We believe that our Heavenly Father has ordained this business to be a place of freedom and encounter with Him. There is nothing we want more than for people to know that they are loved and created for a purpose much bigger than they can imagine so every little detail of this business was intentional to keep Jesus at the center of it all!

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